Patience and Steadfastness in faith seems to be two of the themes emphasized in today’s gospel reading from the gospel of Saint John, Chapter 9, verses 1 to 41. Take a moment and think about the story of the man blind from birth. He never knew or felt what it meant to see, and he went through such an experience patiently all through his life. He must have been told what it feels like, or what it seems like to see things, but he must have patiently prayed and hoped that one day, he would have such an experience and see.

This was exactly the reason why when Jesus healed him, he was so happy and excited, that even when he was persuaded by the Jews to give God praise and not Jesus, who they said was a sinner and not from God, he refused to do so. The pressures from the Jews and their prejudice against Jesus, could not change the mind of the blind man who was healed by Jesus. He stood firm in his belief and was steadfast in his faith in Jesus, His Healer.

My dear friends in Christ, we have been shown the importance of the virtue of Patience by the blind man, who patiently waited all through his life to gain his sight. We have also been shown the importance of Steadfastness in our faith in God by this blind man, who withstood the pressures of the Jews to denounce Jesus, but stood firm in his belief in Christ by proclaiming, accepting, worshiping and following Christ his healer.

So ask yourself today, how patient am I in my life when I am need something from God, when I am persecuted, criticized, rejected, cajoled or encounter trials in my life? How steadfast am I in my faith in God, especially in those challenging times and difficult moments of my life?

Brothers and sisters in Christ, it is time to learn from the blind man who was healed by Jesus, that Patience and Steadfastness in God are very important virtues and habits to learn and exemplify as children of God. Patience, helps us to accept or tolerate the challenges, sufferings, criticisms, rejections and troubles that come our way as Christians. While steadfastness in the Lord, makes us resolutely firm and unwavering in our faith in Him. Remember, it is these two virtues, Patience and Steadfastness in God, that propelled and helped the blind man to know more about Jesus, to accept and worship Him, and to welcome Him into his life, after he was healed.