Love is the most predominant virtue of Christianity. It is the most important force in the world and the greatest commandment of God. Jesus in the Scripture commands us to love God and our neighbors even our enemies. /data/1/2022/11/fico-music.jpg

WHY DO WE HAVE TO LOVE? Our motive for loving our neighbors is a most Christian one because we are all creatures of God, made in his image and likeness. Hence, it is our duty to love God our Maker and to show his love to our neighbors in gratitude to and for his love for us and his blessings to us.

HOW CAN WE LOVE OTHERS? One of the most important ways of loving others is by practicing the corporal works of mercy and the spiritual works of mercy. The love of neighbor shows itself in wishing good to others from our hearts; by rejoicing with them in their prosperity and grieving with them in their adversity.

So my brothers and sisters, my album titled “Godfull, Blessed And Grateful” raises an awareness on the importance of GOD and LOVE in our world today.

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