The new revfico.com has been designed with "you" in mind. The content has been organized into 5 distinct categories

  1. Homily (Published on Sundays and on special religious events)
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Some of the feature highlights include

  1. Daily Reflections and Sunday Homilies.
  2. Listen to the Audio Playlist version on the go! (No more boring traffic!)
  3. Translate, browse the website, and read the posts in your language of choice.
  4. Hands free search (My favorite! Simply click the microphone icon in the search box and speak.)
  5. Use the Liturgical Calendar to keep up with solemnities and holy days of obligation.
  6. Bookmark the page on your PC or Mac, add to Home Screen on your smart phone.
  7. Enhanced search results for topics like God, love, faith, patience, peace, e.t.c.
  8. Stay current with local and world News & Updates from reputable news sources.
  9. Community! Join in on the conversation by commenting on posts using your social media accounts.

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