Today, Jesus makes his triumphant entry into Jerusalem in simplicity and humility and was praised, glorified and acclaimed by many in a clearly messianic fashion as we heard from the gospel of Saint Mark 11:1-10. This triumphal entry of Jesus calls us to be loyal, persevering and faithful to God in our spiritual lives. A few days later as we heard in the gospel reading from the gospel of Saint Mark 14:1-15:47, the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, Jesus was condemned, made to suffer and was crucified in the same city that welcomed, praised and glorified Him. The passion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ emphasizes that suffering, rejection and even death can be part of our lives as Christians when we answer our call to discipleship and live out the gospel. It also makes us aware of the trials and crosses that will come our way as Christians as well as how we can endure such suffering like Jesus did with patience, humility and firmness of faith in God.

My dear friends in Christ, as we heard the Jews cheer and praise Jesus, then later reject, condemn, mock and kill him, we are reminded of the need to be faithful and steadfast in our love for God as this is also our story in our relationship with God. How often have we identified ourselves as God’s children and followers of Christ but still fail to show Him in our thoughts, words and actions? How often have we rejected, condemned, mocked and killed Jesus with our life of sin? How often in our lives have we said “yes” to God then turn to saying "No" to Him later?

My brothers and sisters, since Holy Week is a special time in the life of every Catholic Christian and a turning point in our call to repentance from our sins, reconciliation with God and reformation of our lives, let us to turn back to God by meditating on the passion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us also be reminded by today’s readings and liturgy to renew our loyalty to God who loves us unconditionally and to Jesus Christ who suffered and died for us. Amen!