The Catholic Church has for sometime now gone through and is still going through one of its darkest times with the clergy abuse scandals. This has really broken many of our laity as well as impacted the clergy.

As a Catholic priest, I felt broken, sad, ashamed and touched by the laity’s responses and frustrations. So I deemed it wise to put out on February 15th on all music outlets, a song titled “I Failed You” which is an apology of a priest to all those affected by the abuse and their families. All the proceeds from the song will go to the Victims Assistance Ministry of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to assist the victims and their families with any of their needs. This is the little I can do to help them plus my prayers and Mass Intentions.

Please I still plead and ask for your pardon and forgiveness for the wrongs done, we failed you, we are sorry.