Today’s gospel reading on the woman caught in adultery reminds us of God’s patience, mercy and forgiveness. Jesus in that story showed patience in a time of turmoil as the crowd wanted to stone the woman caught in adultery to death. Jesus showed his patience by bending down and writing on the ground with his finger. This is a reminder for us Christians not to jump into hasty conclusions quickly, but take a moment to pray and think. Patience here emphasizes the importance of not being judgmental in situations, but striving to find out the truth before drawing conclusions. How often have we judged others or even be prejudiced about them without knowing them or communicating with them? How often have we been impatient with ourselves in our journey to repentance and conversion? How often have we been impatient with others and not giving them a second chance or even hearing them out?

Jesus after this gesture of patience showed mercy to the women and forgave her saying "neither do I condemn you. Go, and from now on do not sin any more." Mercy and forgiveness are synonymous with God’s love for us, for without them, there will be no us today. Acts of mercy and forgiveness should be evident in our daily life as Christians because they exemplify the commandment of love. How often do we show mercy to others through acts of charity, and in our prayers? How forgiving are we towards others, especially when we remember God’s mercy and forgiveness in our lives? Do we even forgive ourselves or do we hold on to our past sins and not letting go of them?

My dear brothers and sisters, Jesus in today’s gospel reading emphasizes three important virtues that will help us grow in our faith in God. Let us put these virtues of Patience, Mercy and Forgiveness into practice so as to change our lives and come closer to God this Lenten season.