We probably know a lot of people who would welcome the chance to receive some honor or honorary position. They relish the thought of the glamour and glory. But saints like Peter of Tarentaise remind us that humility and the avoidance of glory is the way of the Gospel. (Franciscan Media). Pray for me Saint Peter of Tarantaise to learn to be humble in all my dealings, so as to be a better disciple of Christ.

Saint Peter of Tarentaise was a Cistercian Religious Monk, Archbishop of Tarentaise from 1141 until his death, Abbot, Apostle of Charity, and a Miracle-worker. He was born 1102 at Saint-Maurice-l’Exil, Kingdom of France and joined a Cistercian monastery at the age of 20. He lived with such modesty, charity, and humility that people were moved and changed when they spent time with him. He was such a great witness of the religious life that many others followed him and joined the abbey as well. In fact, his whole family followed him and joined communities of their own—his mother, father, and siblings! Saint Peter founded Tamié Abbey as a daughter house of Bonnevaux Abbey. Abbot Peter tried to refuse an elevation to the episcopate though his superiors, one of them being Saint Bernard of Clairvaux insisted that he accept the position. As Archbishop, he had special care for the poor, the ill and those who travelled the Alpine passes. He died on 14 September 1174 (aged 72) at Bellevaux Abbey, Cirey, Franche-Comté, Kingdom of France. Patron of Tarentaise. (Anastpaul.com)