During these days (especially on the feast of Saints Priscilla and Aquila), we will reflect in particular on the family, which is the fundamental cell of society. From the beginning the Creator blessed man and woman, so that they might be fruitful and multiply and so the family then, is an image of the Triune God in the world - Pope Francis

Saints Priscilla and Aquila (1st Century) are traditionally thought to have been two of the seventy-two disciples sent out by Jesus to heal and preach. In addition, they are mentioned by name in the New Testament on six other occasions. Saints Priscilla and Aquila were tentmakers and Jewish converts to Christianity; a missionary couple; Priscilla, was perhaps the first woman missionary. They were among a group of people expelled from Rome by Emperor Claudius in AD49. They met up with Saint Paul in Corinth and St Paul stayed with them for 18mts. They then travelled with Saint Paul to Ephesus and Syria. Saint Paul appointed Saint Aquila to be one of the first Bishops of Asia Minor. Tradition holds that both Saints Priscilla and Aquila were martyred for their Christian faith.