The Emmaus story we heard in today’s gospel reading from the gospel of Saint Luke, Chapter 24, verse 13 to 35 hits home for us today as Catholic Christians. Many times, when we read the Scriptures, it seems like stories that do not relate to us. But when we take a moment to reflect on them, we will find out that it is still alive and active in our lives and world today.

We gather every Sunday to participate in the Eucharist, that is, to hear and listen to the Word of God, and to receive His Body and Blood in Holy Communion. This is a reminder that Jesus is always present in the Holy Eucharist, because He is the Word of God made flesh, and it is His Body and Blood that we are fed and nourished with. With all these knowledge and the reminder of the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, why do we not participate actively, attentively and devoutly in Mass every Sunday? Why don’t we sincerely hear and listen to the Word of God proclaimed to us at Mass? Why don’t we reverently and devotedly receive the Body and Blood of Christ in Holy Communion at Mass?

One of the biggest reasons why we fail in this area is because we make the same mistakes made by the two disciples on the way to Emmaus in today’s gospel reading. We are blinded by our disappointments, worries, fears, problems etc, that we fail to listen to Jesus, recognize Him, appreciate Him, and see Him in the Holy Eucharist, that is, the Mass, like the two disciples in the Emmaus story. Where else are we going to find the solution to our problems, disappointments, worries, fears, if not in God? Where can we encounter God best if not in the Holy Eucharist, the Mass, the greatest prayer of the Church, and the source and summit of our faith as Catholic Christians. What took place at Emmaus, takes place on this altar every time Mass is celebrated, yet we fail to meet and encounter Christ! Yet we fail to let His words burn in our hearts as it is proclaimed to us in the readings! Yet we fail to recognize Him and feel the joy and happiness the two disciples felt when they recognized Jesus in the breaking of bread!

Today’s gospel reading my dear brothers and sisters, calls us to let go and let God into our lives, by shifting from our worries, disappointments, sins, fears, problems, depression, frustrations, sadness, loneliness, to a state of joy, happiness, elation, and firmness of faith in God. Yes, we all have things to deal with, but always remember, God is with us and Jesus journeys with us by feeding us with His word and His body and blood, to guide us through all the challenges we face in life. Remember, in the Mass, Jesus also blesses us with His loving kindness, and bestows His divine remedy on us to heal us and to strengthen our faith in Him. So participate actively and devoutly in the Holy Eucharist and your faith will be strengthened in God.