Wolgang was born in Swabia, Germany. As a Benedictine, he was appointed head of the monastery school and was ordained a priest in 971. In 972, he became the bishop of Regensburg. While he was bishop, he helped reform the clergy, restored monasteries, encouraged education, and tutored Emperor Henry II. Wolfgang was also known for his great charity towards the poor, his zeal to preach the word of God, and also for his austere lifestyle. He died in Puppingen, Austria, in 994 and was canonized by Pope Leo IX in 1052. 

Saint Wolfgang pray for us and pray that our celebration of All Hallow’s Eve, be converted from a glorification of the occult into a preparation for honoring the saints. Help us to build up the Communion of Saints. Teach us to evangelize those who are fascinated with fear, evil, and death. Amen. (Good News Ministry)