The judge ordered them to be thrown into a large fire, but the flames leaped away from them and killed many. They were then ordered to be placed on a torture device…but an angel of the Lord protected them…The judge ordered the three to be imprisoned and had Cosmo and Damian crucified and stoned by the people, but the stones flew back at those who threw them, injuring many. Then the judge, filled with madness, made the three brothers stand by the cross and commanded four knights to shoot arrows at Cosmo and Damian. However, the arrows turned back…When the judge saw this, he was utterly baffled, tormented to the point of death, and ordered all five brothers to be beheaded together - Excerpt from the Golden Legend, Thirteenth Century.

Saints Cosmas and Damian, you were touched by Christ and sought to share your faith in Him through your selfless and free service to all who needed your medical care. When persecuted, you remained strong in your faith, preferring death over sin. Please pray for us, that we will follow your example of selfless service to others and will have the courage to be witnesses to Christ no matter the cost. Amen!