Generosity is the theme of our gospel reading today from the gospel of Saint Matthew 20:1-16a as Jesus emphasizes God’s generosity in the parable of the landowner and the laborers. The actions of the land owner in reaching out to the laborers, hiring all of them and paying all of them the same amount of wage notwithstanding when they were hired and his words to them saying “are you envious because I am generous?” re-echoes God’s everlasting love and generosity towards us. It is because of this love and generosity of God to us that Prophet Isaiah in our first reading today from Isaiah 55:6-9 reminds us to seek God first, return to him and turn to the Him for mercy because He is generous and forgiving. Saint Paul in his letter to the Philippians 1:20c-24,27 our second reading urges us to conduct ourselves in a way or manner worthy of the gospel of Christ because of God’s love, mercy and generosity towards us.

My dear friends in Christ, where would you be today without God’s love, mercy and generosity? Have you ever imagined what your life would be like without God in it? Have you ever taken the time to appreciate and be grateful to God for His blessings to you? Have you ever thought about the graces and mercies God has bestowed and continues to bestow upon you? Do you pay attention to God’s infinite love, mercy and generosity towards you?

My brothers and sisters, since generosity is the willingness to give or to share or an act of unselfishness, let us strive to live out this great virtue daily in our lives by being generous, by sharing our gifts, talents and blessings with others. Let us also continue to work very hard in being true, faithful and sincere disciples of Christ by following his example of generosity, self-giving and unselfishness as we answer our call to discipleship. Amen!