Unless a man gives himself entirely to the Cross, in a spirit of humility and self-abasement; unless he casts himself down to be trampled underfoot by all and despised, accepting injustice, contempt and mockery; unless he undergoes all these things with joy for the sake of the Lord, not claiming any kind of human reward whatsoever - glory or honor or earthly pleasures - he cannot become a true Christian - Saint Mark the Evangelist.

Heavenly Father, Saint Mark the Evangelist ran away in fear when Jesus was arrested, but after the resurrection and the descent of the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room, he became a writer of the Faith, and he helped Saints Paul, Barnabas, and Peter build the new Church.  Take my fears, O Lord, and replace them with a zeal for evangelization using the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Fill me to overflowing with the Spirit, so that I may boldly and powerfully serve my parish community and the ministries into which You send me. Give me faithful partners like Saints Paul, Barnabas, and Peter, and use us to build Your Church. Saint Mark the Evangelist, pray for me. Amen. (Good News Ministries)