The true secret of love consists in this: we must forget self like St John the Baptist and exalt and glorify the Lord Jesus - Saint Peter Julian Eymard.

His name is John” (Luke Chapter 1, Verse 63), which in Hebrew means “God is benevolent”. God is benevolent to human beings, He wants them to live; He wants them to be saved. God is benevolent to His people, He wants to make of them a blessing, for all the nations of the earth. God is benevolent to humanity, He guides its pilgrim way, towards the land, where peace and justice reign. All this is contained in that name: 
John! Look today to John the Baptist, an enduring model of fidelity to God and His Law. John prepared the way for Christ, by the testimony of his word and his life. Imitate him with docile and trusting generosity - Saint Pope John Paul II.