He is the Light of Truth, the Path of life, the Power and Mind, Hand and Strength of the Father. He is the Sun of Justice, Source of Blessings, Flower of God, God’s Son, Creator of the world, Life of our mortality and Death to our death. He is the Master of the virtues. He is God to us …! By His rights as Lord, He demands wholly our hearts, tongues and heads. He wishes to be the object of our thought and understanding, our belief and reading, our fear and love… said Saint Paulinus of Nola.

Saint Paulinus, you were a nobleman, poet, husband, priest, widower, and bishop. You found your true riches in your vocations, not in the wealth or prestige of the world. Please pray for me, that I may embrace my vocation more fully, seeking only to advance the glory of God and the salvation of souls, beginning with my own. Saint Paulinus of Nola, pray for us! (My Catholic Life)