We bear the name of Christians, but are full of the spirit of worldlings, and our actions are infected with the poison of the world. We secretly seek ourselves, even when we flatter ourselves that God is our only aim; and whilst we undertake to convert the world, we suffer it to pervert us. When shall we begin to study to crucify our passions and die to ourselves, that we may lay a solid foundation of true virtue and establish its reign in our hearts? (A Catholic Life).

The Roman Martyrology states: “At Jerusalem, was the birthday of St Simeon, Bishop and Martyr, who is said to have been the son of Cleopas and a relative of the Saviour according to the flesh. He was Consecrated Bishop of Jerusalem after St James, the kinsman of our Lord and in the persecution of Trajan, after having endured many torments, he consummated his Martyrdom. All who were present, even the Judge himself, were astonished that a man, one hundred and twenty years of age, could bear the torment of crucifixion with such fortitude and constancy.” Remember my brothers and sisters in Christ, “It is not the punishment, but the cause that makes the martyr,” said Saint Augustine.