How earnestly do I desire, if I were able, to celebrate you, O Patience, queen of all things! But by my life and manners, more than by my words. For you rest in your own action and council more than in discourses and in perfecting, rather than in multiplying virtues. You are the support of virginity, the secure harbour of widowhood, the guide and directress, of the married state, the unanimity of friendship, the comfort and joy of slavery, to which you are often liberty. By you, poverty enjoys all, because, content with itself, it bears all. By you, the prophets, were advanced in virtue and the apostles united to Christ. You are the daily crown and mother of the martyrs. You art the bulwark of faith, the fruit of hope and the friend of charity. Happy, eternally happy, is he who shall always possess you in his soul - Saint Zeno of Mauretania.