Why did the people of Cagliari support the friars? These followers of Francis worked hard but rarely at jobs that paid enough to live on. The life of Ignatius reminds us that everything God considers worthwhile does not have a high-paying salary attached to it. (Franciscan Media)

Saint Ignatius of Laconi was a door-to-door evangelist, who went from house to house begging for food and other donations for the friars. Whenever he was welcomed into a home, he consoled their sick, comforted the lonely, helped enemies reconcile, converted non-believers, and eased their anxieties by providing sound advice. I ask him to pray for the people in my life who have the need for these same blessings. Teach me, O Lord, how to visit them with Your love, so that Your presence within me reaches out to them. Work through me to console, comfort and guide them. Saint Ignatius of Laconi, pray for us! (From GoodNews Ministries)